Why Cercles.Coop?

The importance of technologies in management, also a corporate of the cooperative, allows it to improve, make it more sustainable, more entrepreneurial and, today, also more democratic. Now more than ever, it becomes clear that digitalisation is the most important tool we have to get out of the crisis and revive our economic activity.

As a result of COVID-19, the traditional development of meetings of the social bodies of cooperatives has been altered. Now, meetings and face-to-face events have had to be replaced, in most cases, by meetings and virtual events.

Despite all the ravages that the pandemic is causing, on a social and economic level, we cannot ignore the opportunity that the situation gives us to accelerate the digitization of one of the basic pillars of the cooperative dimension that is internal democracy and, therefore, the participation of partners in governance.

For cooperativism, the digitization of governance is an opportunity, because digitalization technologies will transform not only our economy and our country, but also the mentality of our society. We can be more social if we are more digital.

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