What is Cercles.Coop?

Cercles.Coop is a repository of resources developed to facilitate the preparation, call and realization of virtual corporate meetings of cooperatives and federations of cooperatives, as well as companies and organizations of the social economy that have incorporated into their social bodies processes of participation.

Cercles.Coop has been created to hold corporate meetings with legal guarantees and prepared jointly with the Federations of Cooperatives, a legal team, and a technological team.

Cercles.Coop consists of 4 resources, all of them digital and free and open source. It is formed by:

  • Guide with legal recommendations that describes the aspects to consider at the time of preparing and issuing the call, the minutes and certificates of assembly or governing council, among others.
  • Guide with recommendations and technical possibilities to prepare the videoconference and the systems of partners’ participation during the celebration of the Assembly or any other corporate meeting.
  • Virtual voting platform.
  • Manual of use of administrator to program in a self-managed way virtual corporate meeting.

It is a project that is here to stay and grow. It is a project born from a collaborative work to become an intercooperation project at the service of cooperatives.

Cercles.Coop was created to respond to the digitization of participatory processes in cooperatives and companies or organizations of the social and solidarity economy, beyond the need generated by the current situation.

We add people, we multiply values

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