What does it allowed?

The Voting Platform Cercles.Coop incorporates the functionalities of Decidim and allows us to configure several participation spaces.

Participatory processes: Allows to create different processes of participation, articulate them in different phases. Examples of participatory processes are a process of choosing the members of the governing council, the social council, a strategic planning process, the collaborative drafting of an internal regime regulation…

We can open participatory processes with different groups of our social base: students, service users, collaborators, workers, families… Both for internal and external processes of the cooperative.

Participation bodies: They offer the possibility of defining decision-making bodies or groups (councils, working groups, committees, etc.) that meet periodically, detailing the composition, listing and geolocating their meetings and allowing participation (e.g., by agreeing whether the capacity and nature of the meeting permit, introducing agenda items or commenting on proposals and decisions made by those bodies).

Consultations: Allows to articulate virtual corporate meetings, such as general assemblies, preparatory assemblies… generate discussions and discussions, connect with a secure electronic voting system, and show the results.

The Voting Platform Cercles.Coop allows to participate in the corporate life of the cooperative. Anytime, anywhere, with any electronic device with an internet connection.

Cercles.Coop is a resource oriented to reconciliation, flexibility, and sustainability

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