Voting platform

The voting platform Cercles.Coop is based on an adaptation of the Decidim platform, to incorporate the systems of participation and voting of cooperative societies.

The created components allow:

Virtual census of partners: Allows you to incorporate the specific data (name, type of partner, mail, mobile…) to prove the status of partner and be able to access to the Platform as a user.

Authentication of partners: Apart from accrediting the status of partner, to authenticate their identity, a double verification process is incorporated to vote in the corporate meeting.

Delegate vote: Allows you to schedule a maximum of five delegate votes per person. Delegated voting can be easily annulled if the member who delegated the vote attends the meeting. It is also allowed to vote respecting the meaning of the vote indicated by the member who has delegated the vote to us.

Weighted vote: Allows you to indicate a voting weight if, by articles of association, we have weighting of vote between different partners. The voting weighting of each partner can be easily adapted according to the corresponding weight according to the quorum.

Secret vote: Through the platform, votes cast are secret.

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